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When Carl Arden Hinds envisioned opening a music school, he thought about what would have appealed to him as a 16-year-old musician: A place where students not only could hone their playing and writing skills, but also rehearse together, learn how to record tunes and perform live with a group.

Musical prowess is abounding one chord at a time with budding musicians in two area ukulele programs. “I love playing the ukulele, and find it very challenging,” says Eileen Booth, the “Flapper Tapper,” who uses the instrument in her tap-dancing/singing performances at local venues.

Ruby Witt has long loved music. A couple of years ago, when she moved to the Hampton and Ashley Inn in Vancouver, Wash., music continued to be an important part of her life. When her daughter-in-law, Dianne Webberley, visits, the two sometimes find a quiet corner and sing together.