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A senior man delightedly driving his electric scooter. Motion blur on wheels. On a white background.

By age 50, the average person will have walked 75,000 miles, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association. That’s a lot of steps, even without the Fitbit tracker.

Annual open enrollment for Medicare has started and it’s important to know what that means for you. Enrollment is open through Dec. 7. Any Medicare Advantage (Part C) or prescription drug plan (Part D) changes must be made between those dates so that coverage begins without interruption on Jan. 1.

Before Darla Clark signed up for her Medicare plan, she carefully examined her wants and needs. She wanted a nationwide company, in case she decide to relocate or travel. She wanted a billing system where the medical offices would submit the bills for her. She wanted her co-pays covered, and to be able to choose her own doctors and hospitals. “That’s what I needed, some flexibility,” Clark says.