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In the past 35 years, Northwest Boomer and Senior News has seen some changes. Personnel come and go. Sometimes locations change. Even the business name changes. Such has been the case for Northwest Boomer and Senior News. Now, we’re about to undergo one of our biggest changes ever.

Do you know that honeybees travel about 55,000 miles and gather nectar from approximately two million blossoms just to make one pound of honey? Honeybees have been around for some 30 million years, and are one of the most important pollinators in Oregon agriculture, increasing crop yields and producing better produce, according to reports from beekeepers.

It was dried apricot rolls at a family reunion that led to Deanna DeLong’s lifelong volunteer efforts to teach food dehydration and proper food handling in developing countries. The family reunion occurred while DeLong was attending Brigham Young University in Utah. Blessed with a curious mind, she asked a family relative how the apricots were dried, to which she thought, “There is more to this than meets the eye.”