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“Firing on all cylinders” is what it takes to survive a pandemic, and that’s just what boutique owner-designer Erica Lurie is doing. While many popular locally-owned boutiques have closed due to loss of business, Garnish Apparel — offering locally created designs of contemporary women’s clot…

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The Village Movement began in Boston around 1999 as a neighborhood-based membership organization. The impetus was a desire to help older adults stay in their homes as long as possible. Dues range $25-$65 per month, which cover village administrative fees, connections to discounted services a…

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I’m a cat lover, and we’ve always had a domestic cat in our lives. In fact, I’m an animal lover in general, a term that includes both domesticated “companion animals” and Mother Nature’s “other animals.”

I am a first generation American. My parents immigrated from England in the early 1950s, included with the wave from the United Kingdom who set sail across the Atlantic due to a stagnate economy and a desire for breathing room.