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“Because of people spending more time at home due to Covid they’re understanding even more the impact of color on their world,” says Puji Sherer, Director of Color Marketing for Miller Paint. “Color is the most affordable, quickest, low-work and easiest way to create a “huge transformation —…

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Could flying cars be in our future, a la “The Jetsons?”

Not quite yet, but advances in technology mean today’s new cars are safer, more reliable and fun to drive.

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Thanks to technology, doctors are once again making house calls.

That’s what Steven Kassakian considers the virtual visits that have become the norm thanks to the Corona Virus. Kassakian is chief health information officer and physician at Oregon Health Sciences University. He says home visits via telemedicine brings back some of yesteryear’s benefits of home visits. For instance, the doctor gets to see the patient’s home, can interact with family members, and have a focused conversation regarding the patient’s concerns.