You’ve flipped the calendar over and whoa, a new year gets under way. Hello to the mystery and wonder of 365 days.

There are 8,760 hours. Don’t start with making “to-do” lists, resolutions, making plans of any kinds. Give it all a rest. Simple living is possible.

Cramming a bazillion duties into about 16 hours (multi-tasking) may seem like accomplishments but feeling wiped-out hasn’t benefited you at all. When a common phrase, “I don’t have time,” is stated it hints that maybe chaos has taken over. Throw in a car problem, an illness, a weather situation, etc., and chaos closes in rapidly.

“Chaos has been contemplated by mankind for several millennia,” writes Michael Lorenzen, adding, “The universe is a chaotic place, full of uncertainty, can’t be predicted, and can happen at any given time.”

Hard working folks in Japan use the word “karoshi” which means “death by overwork.” It’s a health hazard.

Lily Tomlin, actor and comedienne, said, “For fast-acting relief from stress try slowing down.”

It is to your advantage to get time commitments under control. “Time has always been a philosophical challenge,” says reporter Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post.

Take a deep breath, be sustained by nature, enjoy a coffee break. It’s not a sin to be still and know quiet. Speeding through a day is so unnecessary. Follow Gandhi’s advice, “Time is more to life than increasing speed.”

Are you ready for some R ‘n’ R?

(Sandi Hulden is a dedicated reader who lives in Oregon City.)

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