Happy romantic couple walking and holding hands on a beach

No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, you still need to make time for each other. Here’s a list of ideas for spending quality time together.

1. Do a random act of kindness for someone else. (Visit naturalbeachliving.com/best-random-acts-of-kindness-ideas for more than 200 ideas.)

2. Share positive traits you’ve learned about one another.

3. Create a couples bucket list together.

4. Play a board, card or dice game.

5. Go rock or rope climbing.

6. Write each other a poem, love or gratitude letter. (Check out a book from your local library if you need motivation.)

7. Get a couples pedicure and manicure together.

8. Binge watch a suspenseful and/or thrilling TV series.

9. Take a day trip to the beach. (Visit northwest50plus.com for a list of our favorite Oregon Coast spots.)

10. Cook a meal from scratch or try a new recipe together.

Asian couple cooking in the kitchen

Asian couple cooking in the kitchen

11. Go for a hike in a favorite spot or try out a new park. (Visit oregonstateparks.org or call 800-557-6949 for maps, hours and fees.)

12. Attend a paint-and-sip together. (Visit northwest50plus.com for some locations in Lane and Benton counties.)

13. Go to a pottery class and have fun painting pre-made pottery.

14. Go for a bike ride. (Try Row River Trail in Cottage Grove.)

15. Take a free online “love languages” test. (Try 5lovelanguages.com.)

16. Go paddle boarding, canoeing or kayaking. (Visit oregonstateparks/thingstodo/letsgo for local classes in your area.)

17. Watch a favorite professional sports team on TV together. (Go Blazers!)

18. Go to a teahouse and have a fun conversation.

19. Have a discussion about sex. (Need a primer? Try prevention.com/sex/a20504743/spice-up-sex-life.)

20. Volunteer at your local nonprofit. (Visit unitedway.org for organizations in your area.)

21. Get a couples massage, or give each other one. (Visit youtube.com for tutorials.)

22. Create a book of your love story. (Visit personalhistoriansnw.org if you need some professional assistance.)

23. Watch your wedding video or look at your wedding pictures together.

24. Visit a water park or theme park and have some fun. (Visit tripadvisor.com for suggestions.)

25. Go to a drive-in movie. (Try 99w.com.)

26. Join a protest. (Try rallylist.com.)

27. Attend a high school or college event, such as a concert or sports game. (Get a schedule of all high school games at osaa.org/?year=2019.)

28. Take a tour of a brewery or vineyard. (Try traveloregon.com for a list of local tours.)

Senior couple riding a classic scooter

Senior couple riding a classic scooter

29. Host a bonfire party. (Don’t have a backyard? Find “bonfire” or “fireplace” on youtube.com, sit in front of your TV fire and snuggle.)

30. Go for an evening walk.

31. Take a weekend getaway.

32. Go fruit picking — strawberries, blueberries, apples, etc.

33. Watch a TEDx Talk and discuss what you learned from it. (Visit ted.com/watch/tedx-talks.)

34. Attend a comedy show. (Try travelportland.com for upcoming events.)

35. Join a workout class, do yoga or play a sport together.

36. Attend a karaoke event.

37. Watch the sunset together.

38. Challenge each other to a video game.

39. Browse a bookstore. (Try Books Read Books New in Salem for a large selection of new and used books.)

40. Go for a swim together.

41. Stargaze in your backyard. (Download a free stargazing app, like Star Tracker Lite-Live Sky. It allows you to open the app and point your device at the sky to see stars, constellations and deep sky objects.)

42. Re-create your first date.

43. Make a playlist of songs from when you first got together. (Spotify.com is a great way to make a playlist.)

44. Go out for ice cream and try a new flavor. (During the summer months, visit El Paisanito in Woodburn for a cultural twist on frozen treats.)

45. Work on a DIY project together.

46. Take a mini road trip to visit a local festival or a new museum. (For ideas, check out the calendar listings on page 18 or visit northwest50plus.com.)

Senior couple looking forward with confidence while riding bicycles in the countryside

Full length of a senior active couple smiling and looking forward with confidence and serenity while riding bicycles in the countryside in summer

47. Go to a coffee shop and chat.

48. Have a candlelit dinner.

49. Play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to pick an old favorite movie.

50. Have a homemade pizza night. (Have you tried making quinoa crust? It’s easy and quite tasty.)

51. Spend an evening learning to say “I love you” in different languages. (Try the Duolingo app.)

52. Make a list of your 10 favorite memories and read them out loud to each other.

53. Test your skills in an escape room.

Portrait Of Happy Couple

Portrait Of Happy Woman Embracing Her Husband From Behind

54. Rent your dream car for the day.

55. Visit a used bookstore and create some challenges in finding specific books. (See #39.)

56. Go see a local band or find your favorite tribute band and rock out.

57. Participate in a monthly art walk. (Try the First Friday Art Walks in McMinnville and Cottage Grove.)

58. Visit an arcade and play your old favorite video games.

59. Ride a carousel. (Both Salem and Albany have opportunities.)

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