The idea to return to my hometown brought an uplifting feeling. This journey of 400 miles to Southern Oregon felt right. A road trip has always been full of mystery and wonder for me. Remembering the places, people, neighborhoods, special relationships, seasonal sites, and variety of events offers reconnection at its best. I had scads of nostalgic, inspiring memories.

Hometown is defined as “the city or town where a person was born or grew up (lived significant years). The word was created in 1851. It can bring different emotions: Glad reminiscing or sad heartache.

In my hometown there was familiarity everywhere. Several landmarks had endured the years. They were endearing to see. Being back was a stimulate of delightful proportions.

As a young girl I had my first romance. He was transferred and gone. Keeping in touch got lost but his memory remained. Other changes in my life — my grandparents died, classmates (like me) moved away, favorite businesses closed, one high school became two, and the population grew.

Thinking about “home” can conjure up a vision of another place. Can there be more than one place that means home? I’m OK with “it is what it is” when “home” is mentioned.

“Place is more important than strength.” (Author unknown) 

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