Who knew that champagne and strawberries on crackers would be such a hit?

But these two flavors have become a best-selling jam, one of many popular flavors blended and sold by Jennifer and Paul “Ginger” Ingram of Gingifer’s Kitchen.

“It was one of our first flavors and continues to be a hit,” says Jennifer Ingram.

The Ingrams make everything out of their shop in Otis, near Lincoln City, and sell their products at farmers markets, local events, select Oregon stores and online.

“Ginger” Ingram is from England and met his wife Jennifer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 2012, they decided to move back to her home state of Oregon.

“In 2013, we decided to try turning my hobby of making jams and pickles for friends and family into a business,” Ingram says. “Our first market was in McMinnville that summer.”

When they first started their business, the couple rented a kitchen to produce their wares.

“Two years ago, we built a kitchen on our property,” she says. “So, our commute is now very short.”

Their business name came from friends, Ingram says.

“When we first started dating, our friends mashed Jennifer and Ginger together and came up with our couple name, ‘Gingifer,’” she says. “And it stuck.”

Online orders can hold up to 12 jars of jam or six jars of pickles for one flat rate.

“All of our products are made in small batches with the highest quality ingredients in order to insure the best tasting results possible,” Ingram says.

As well as the favorite strawberry and champagne jam, the Ingrams are proud of their savory jams which, they agree, are great on crackers.

“We make a ‘blueberry, balsamic and basil’ jam as well as an ‘apricot, rosemary and black pepper’ jam,” Ingram says. “We love them with cheeses or as a glaze on meats. Our bread-and-butter pickles are a hit year-round. Our summer dills and asparagus are very popular and are only available seasonally.”

“In the summer we can be found at farmers markets on the central and northern coast,” Ingram says. “We start off our season at the Salem Saturday market in April. Starting in May, we attend farmers markets in Yachats, Newport, Lincoln City, Neskowin and Manzanita. Our products can also be found at the Headlands Hotel in Pacific City and at Nestucca Bay Creamery in Cloverdale.”

Between November and Christmas, the Ingrams attend several holiday shows. Year round they attend the Newport Farmers Market.

“At the moment, our schedule is pretty full,” Ingram says. “It is the two of us making everything and attending the markets. We hope in the future to be able to add an employee to help with production and the markets.”

Gingifer’s Kitchen has received “wonderful” feedback from customers, Ingram says. One customer made empanadas with tayberry jam and posted on their Facebook page, “By the grace of God … and Gingifer, we have unlocked the secret to happiness.”

MP -- Gingifer's Kitchen, Jennifer and Ginger Ingram, courtesy.jpg

Jennifer and Paul “Ginger” Ingram are mixing up specialty flavors of jams and pickles.

Other comments were: “If you’ve never tried a peanut butter sandwich with Marionberry and Red Label Scotch Whiskey jam, you’re missing out,” and another said, “simply the best.”

“We love that we have customers that discovered us at a market while on vacation to the coast and make it a priority to visit us every year,” she says. “We love what we do and look forward to growing in the future.”

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