Our kidneys work hard to keep us healthy so it is good to take some time to think about what we can do to keep them healthy. Our kidneys work 24/7 filtering our blood, removing toxins and fluids to keep our bodies well.

One of the most important ways to promote kidney health is to know our blood pressure, and if it is high work with your doctor to get it in range.

Check your blood pressure routinely, and if it is above 120/80 on a regular basis make an appointment with your doctor. If you are prescribed a medication by your doctor take it as prescribed.

If you are diabetic it is very important to your kidney health that you keep your blood sugars controlled. High blood sugars over time will lead to kidney disease.

Avoiding salt also helps your kidneys. A high salt diet makes your kidneys work harder to equalize the fluids in your body. So, watch what you eat, avoid processed foods and do not salt before tasting. There are many seasonings that do not have salt in them that add flavor to food such as Mrs. Dash and lemon pepper.

Very few people drink too much water but drinking too much water can be hard on the kidneys. Just be aware of the color of your urine: If it is light clear yellow, you are getting the right amount of fluids; if it is dark yellow, you need more; if it is colorless, drink less.

Be kind to your hard-working kidneys: manage your blood pressure and blood sugar, avoid sodium, drink the right amount of fluids and keep active. 

(Sarah Redfern is a registered nurse with Wiley Creek Community.)

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