“Because of people spending more time at home due to Covid they’re understanding even more the impact of color on their world,” says Puji Sherer, Director of Color Marketing for Miller Paint. “Color is the most affordable, quickest, low-work and easiest way to create a “huge transformation — low cost, low effort,” she says.

While stark whites and grays have been hot in recent years, Sherer says people are craving more warmth. Off whites with peach undertones are popular, and one favorite, “French Linen” has umber undertones.

The color of the year? “Simple Serenity,” a light blue that Sherer describes as “uplifting, almost spiritual.” It’s also versatile she says, “Like your favorite blue jeans — you can pair it with any color and it looks great.” Simple Serenity is also said to create a personal sanctuary feel, with a spa-like vibe.

Color preferences change with the times, and while Miller Paint’s 2020 color was Lioness, a yellow chosen for enthusiasm and female empowerment, this year’s color comes from the collective need for healing and well-being. “Our choices reflect where we’re at and what we crave,” Sherer says.


• Consult an expert. “I got into this because I was a painter,” says Sherer. “Color can create huge transformation, but the choices can be overwhelming. A pro can help simplify the process.”

• Test, test, test. Place swatches of possible choices on the wall(s) to be painted and look at them throughout the day/evening as lighting changes the look and vibe.

• Be mindful of scale. Color on a swatch looks different than on an entire wall or room. Natural light and scale (larger swaths of paint) become more intense.

• Choose the right product — sheen makes a difference.

• Don’t be afraid of color. Different shades evoke different feelings. The experts can help.

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