The female of our species can get *VERRRY* angry and *verrry* vengeful, as demonstrated in our fairly-recent history by such luminaries (pronounced “loon-inaries”) as Jodi Arias, Lorena Bobbitt, Betty Broderick, Jean Harris, Amy Bishop Anderson, and Clara Harris. To name several. They are shocking because they are rare. “Hell Hath No Fury,” we say. *“When will it end?”*, we ask.

But the Woman On a Serious Tear is a rarity, and with the occasional exception (Amy Bishop Anderson), they usually target ONLY their no-good significant other and his floozy girlfriend.

I use the word loon-inaries because these women make their lives worse after they get their little revenge moment. Amy Bishop Anderson had no alimony or child visitation issue, but like the others, it had to have cost her a LOT in people viewing her dirty laundry and (of Course) lawyers. Popping a cork was NOT the solution that would let them walk off all satisfied and with no piper to pay.

Mental illness gets blamed a lot. There's also a lot of science that says we can't really PIN mental illness on these males, due to the jello-like fluidity of nailing a diagnosis on brains that young.

Where I'm going with this is, the USA had FOUR school shootings in the past week. All the shooters were young males. Young women can get just as frustrated, just as angry, just as good at breaking into the family gun cabinet, but they just don't do this. Take it out on a bunch of random schoolmates.

Yes, young males have more brain-developing to do than young females of the same age, and yes, testosterone poisoning plays a part, but REALLY, Dudes? You looked at the momentary satisfaction of your big hissy-fit and decided it was WORTH all the shame and horror and possible perforation by police bullets, the ruination of your family and your future, and the years of institutional food?

I know, I know. The male adolescent brain doesn't fully develop until the mid-to-late twenties. Well, the male adolescent trigger finger does, and these guys sometimes mow down their friends as well as people they don't like and people three years younger than they... whom they don't even know.

These shooters should be DEEPLY ashamed.

This phenomenon is relatively new and relatively confined to a few developed countries. Which means it's on OUR doorstep... and since apparently we can't teach their parents and grandparents to keep the firearms unavailable, and we're lousy at spotting the perps before they erupt (except for all the neighbors and relatives and counselors who ***try*** to tell the parents, in the kindest ways, that there is something ***REALLY*** amiss with young Johnny).

We have to make the punishment so nauseating that no one would risk incurring it.

I have three ideas.

One: 13 hours of homework a day. No food until it's finished.

Two: Whoever owns the guns that did the shooting, and failed to keep the disturbed perp from accessing them.. and don't even TRY convincing us you didn't sense that the perp might do something like this... ALSO does 13 hours of homework a day. No excuses. No food until it's finished.

Three: Finding Bigfoot. Only YOU don't get to go out to PawPaw Hollow to look for it. YOU have to do it all using TV shows and performing online research.

Good luck with that.

Becaussssssse....still no Bigfoot!

Animal Planet assembles at LEAST one team to trek through “deep forests, jungles, mountains, rivers and swamps” to follow the trail of the shy and elusive biped. The founder of the Finding Bigfoot team, Matt Moneymaker, says they have sound recordings... and they have seen OTHER people's videos, but they didn't have any videos of their own... after six seasons of looking.

They had military night-vision and thermal imaging technology and they had lists of Bigfoot-sighting hot spots, and they even had James “Bobo” Fay, who could perform his (I *assume* patented) Bigfoot call on command. Alas, no Bigfoots called back... or wrote or e-mailed or ANYTHING. (I suspect they DISDAINED the patented Bigfoot call. Even Bigfoots have standards.)

Six seasons, six countries, 40 states. No Bigfoots.

Two years ago, in Barkerville, Canada, I talked to two women who were from Vancouver Island, Canada. I asked if the island had Bigfoots, as I had seen on some TV show. Straight-faced, they assured me the place is CRAWLING with them (Since Bigfoots tend to be sighted in areas that have a lot of black bears, I think the ladies were pulling my leg. ANYBODY knows that two apex predators are not going to be successful if they swarm all over a limited area like an island.)

130 sightings on this island ***alone*** between 1924 and 2013!

AND... residents hear noises!

“With that volume, absolutely no dog can make that kind of a noise with that volume,” said Art Dick, who likes to repeat himself, and says he has heard the sounds coming from right outside his home. (on Cormorant Island, in Alert Bay).

You can't argue that.


"Hell hath no fury" is an interpreted line based on a quotation from The Mourning Bride , by William Congreve .

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