Speed of Light!

It's past time we get a look at something truly breath-taking.


Yes...It's the Speed of Light!   C'mon, this is really big. You have to see this.


Doomsday Vault

On a perma-frosted island in the northern reaches of Norway...the forward-thinking scientists of the civilized world have placed the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

Thank Providence we HAVE forward-thinking scientists-- I applaud them!

This vault is a bank. In it are seeds for food crops around the world, in case some horrible catastrophe  (famine, disease, war) destroys the lands on which they grow.   It's a back-up gene bank. Nearly a million samples.

Way-North Norway! Permafrost clear up to the tunnel leading to the vault!


Except. As my dad used to say, “There's always one more than you counted on.”

Except....there is Global Warming.

Surface air temps in the Arctic are warming...warming... at twice the rate relative to the warming of the rest of the globe.

Permafrost...not so perma now... is melting. Because of greenhouse gas emissions. Solutions to which can get stuck in the quicksand of ...brace yourself... the minds of politicians.


That's OK. Who needs food?


Little Boys Have It Better

Didja  ever notice that some songs are secretly protest songs?

I could probably make this a subject for my next 300 entries...if my sarcasm meter were more sensitive.

Well, luckily, it isn't.

Little boys have it better...apparently.

Beauty pageant contestants in the 1950s used to have to moon...on nationwide TV... over some lounge-singer type guy who was crooning:

Thank heaven for little girls

For little girls get bigger every day!

Thank heaven for little girls

They grow up in the most delightful way!

Read more: Perry Como - Thank Heaven For Little Girls Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

Beauty pageant contestants in the 1950s seemed to have had one song they REALLY liked to sing. They really got into the flirty, bouffant-skirt flipping, pose-striking, brazen vampiness of  I Enjoy Being A Girl.

Sample lyrics:

I flip when a fellow sends me  flowers,

I drool over dresses made of lace,

I talk on the telephone for hours

With a pound and a half of cream upon my face!

This femme clearly needs psychological help.

Don't run into her at home, fellas-- she's a cream-clotted, drooly mess.

If you end up supporting her...that cream ain't cheap.  And you'll be toting giant cream jars out to the recycling bin at 2 in the morning.  

Where was I?  Oh yeah...little girls.

(--And those are some of the LESS nauseating lyrics. Fetch the anti-emetics before you read the rest.)


HOW could she enjoy being a girl? She must be giddy. Because the scorecard doesn't even START in her favor. It doesn't even start Even-Steven!

Where was I? Oh yeah. Little boys have it better.

Quick-- make 2 lists. One is Advantages of Being A Boy. The other is Advantages of Being a Girl.

Sociologists list some of the (developed world) advantages of being a boy: greater muscle mass; greater wage earning capacity; better access to education; can oppress females; don't have to menstruate or carry babies; taught by parents and society to be more independent.

Sociologists have shown that even children's books are biased. Men and boys are the lead characters, and even if the tales are about animals, the lead characters tend to be male.


In any given year, 33% of kids' books contain central characters that are female, but male humans and animals appear in 100% of the books.

When mothers read to their children, they frequently identify gender-neutral characters as male.

And... get this...girls who share a womb with a male twin ...end up being less likely to graduate high school or college, and are 11.7% less likely to get married.

(Nine months she lives in close proximity to a male, and she's done with all that?  It must be brutal in there.)

Girls who share a womb with a female twin produce 5.8 % more children. These stats bear out even when the male twin dies in the womb, or dies before he is a year old. Male embryos that die,  tend to die in the third trimester.

Girl twins have no lasting impact on the boys with whom they were womb-mates.

Finally...it turns out that any grown woman in the workplace in the USA has a 7% lower adult earning potential... if she has a younger brother.

I have two younger brothers.

This gift comes wrapped in silence...


A Bangladeshi woman enjoyed being a girl so much, she birthed a son...and then, a month later, gave birth to twins.








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