Would you like to go back in time and get a do-over for, say, 3 things in your life?

Sorry-- only three.

Could be something you did, something you said, or even something you thought.

You're a very lucky person if you don't respond with a plaintive, “only three?”

Some people do a bunk, start all over. Change the name, dye the hair, move to Fiji, the works!

There are other options.

 “Leaders around the world have dutifully divvied up continental  shelves ,  found and claimed islands via satellite and established laws for future reference on who gets what — including the moon. But there are a few pieces of Earth that still need an owner, and they are up for grabs.”--


Here's a list of eleven unclaimed lands. Most of them have a price tag, but the price tag isn't that much...but then, neither are the unclaimed lands.

Still, if the asking price is $1.5 million, and you can negotiate it down, and get a long-term loan... you could be the legitimate ruler and wear a crown and all that.


Now, you're probably thinking these are ratholes in the middle of some desert. But no! The Lagoan Isles are near Portsmouth, England; North East Caye is in Belize; Fort St. Angelo is in Malta! There's also Manchukuo, between China and eastern Mongolia. 4.1 MILLION hectares! With 8.2 million uninhabited houses on it already! However... humid, almost tropical heat in the summer and windy, dry, Arctic cold in the winter. Maybe you could rent it out. Sell it to a group of refugees. Some of them are almost a nation, except they have been hounded off the land they used to have.

(Aren't you glad computers will do the math for you? 4.1 million hectares turns out to be more than 15,830 square miles. That's about half the size of South Carolina!)

Wikipedia says: “ As a direct result of the Russo-Japanese War (1904/05), Japanese influence replaced Russia's in Inner Manchuria. During the war with Russia, Japan had mobilized one million soldiers to fight in Manchuria, meaning that one out of every eight families in Japan had a member fighting the war. During the Russian-Japanese war, the losses were heavy, with Japan losing a half-million men dead or wounded, making Manchuria into a sacred land for the Japanese people, a place hallowed with the blood of so many Japanese soldiers. From time of the Russian-Japanese war onward, many Japanese people came to have a proprietary attitude to Manchuria, taking the viewpoint that a land where so much Japanese blood had been lost in some way now belonged to them .”


(Gee, with reasoning like that...I have a claim on the Umpqua Bank parking lot! Every 8 weeks or so, the Bloodmobile comes and takes it away!)

Apparently Bir Tawil and Liberland, to name two unclaimed lands, have no farmland, oil, or natural resources, but hey! Also no upkeep, no taxes, and no reason for anybody to try to pull a land grab!

Other unclaimed lands are basically uninhabited rock...and/ or situated in Antarctica. Great, if you like that sort of thing... or are a tern.

Bir Tawil is habitable-- but it's disputed between Egypt and Sudan. Too much potential for irritable neighbors, if you get my drift.


Where am I going with all this?

Well! I think the world needs places you can go to ratchet your mental settings to “I like me again,” that don't entail huge investments in crumb cake and tequila.

Actually, every STATE could use one. We could call them all Rebooti--

Rebooti, Maine...Rebooti, Wisconsin.

There could be CRUISE destinations! For the snowy states, SNOWMOBILE!

It would be carved in stone that if someone asked you, “Where you BEEN all these months?” and you said “Rebooti”... END OF TOPIC! As usual, correct responses entail “How about those Dodgers?” or the equivalent.

And what happens in Rebooti...stays in Rebooti. Of course.

No postcards. Goes without saying. NO HOME MOVIES!

If you think you can NEVER reclaim the “old you,” you might consider one of the aforesaid places. There are also newly-formed volcanic islands popping up all the time.

Mother Earth replenishes herself all the time. Following her example? --No shame in it.

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