There are NO federal regulations to protect crematorium workers from being poisoned by the bodies of deceased people they handle.

About half of Americans prefer to be cremated after they die, and around 30 percent of cancer patients have gotten radiation therapy. Around 88,000 of the resultant supposedly-sterile cremains could be been releasing toxins—radioactive toxins-- into the air of the crematoriums.

And to wherever the crematoriums' pipes vent.

An average of 18.6 million nuclear medicine procedures involving radiopharmaceuticals are performed in the USA every year.

When the environment changes-- as in, gets hotter-- radioactive isotopes can change...making them more, or less, risky.

An Arizona man was treated last year by the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix for pancreatic cancer. At the crematorium that received his remains... three and a half WEEKS later... the oven, and the filter of the vacuum machine, and the machine that crushes the swept by a Geiger counter.

The Daily Mail reported:

”The equipment tested at anywhere between 5,000 to 25,000 Geiger counts per minute. 

“That's between the 3,600 counts that an average US citizen receives in a year and the 50,000 that are the maximum annual radiation exposure that the US government permits a worker to be exposed to at their job in a single year. 

“Even nearly four weeks later, the surface of the crematorium equipment was still significantly radioactive.”

This was one single body. In one crematorium.

In 2010, the US had 2,204 human crematories. Average number of employees: four to seven.

If someone you know works in a crematory, please give them a head's-up.

Radiation. Risk. Is. Additive.

I included a link, below, with information on pet funerals and cremations. The blog above does not include information on pets.


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