Nothing could stop the Army Air Corps!

Don't believe me? Check out the link below for the lyrics. One of my Dad's favorite songs.

[My parents couldn't sing, and they LOVED to sing. PAINFUL, I tell you.

[I was in the church choir. The (modest) ability must have skipped a generation. Or two.

[Okay, so the choir were desperate for someone who could sing the high notes.]

Anyway, when Dad (regular Army) sang the Air Corps song, he always added to "“Nothing can stop the Army Air Corps!” the words, “EXCEPT THE WEATHER!”

This blog is about weather. Pretty Considerable Weather.


First... Up in Svalbard, in the Arctic, hidden deep within a mine...lies the Norway Global Seed Vault. And the placement's really fine!

(Also known as the Doomsday Vault.)

FINALLY, we learn of something several nations have done to protect the future of our plant-based food supply from environmental catastrophes. Gloriosa!

Should something hideous happen, nearly one million seeds from all over the globe have been protected by permafrost (minus 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit) in the depth of the backup against the unthinkable.


The vault is in danger of flooding, because global warming is melting the permafrost. The temp is forecasted to rise 7 degrees in the coming years.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: the link below contains a petition you can copy and sign-- and share! Share! Share!

It's our food supply's insurance. Show it some love!

Speaking of the bottom of the Thwaites Glacier (“the most dangerous glacier in the world”) … a cavity is growing. It's 984 feet deep at the deepest place and covers an area...wait for it...two-thirds the size of the footprint of Manhattan. ( Pretty considerable. Around 33 square miles. I looked it up for you.) This is dicey news. The cavity's empty space used to be 14 billion tons of ice...and that amount has emptied out in...brace yourself...the last 3 years.

Glaciologist Eric Rignot says, “We have suspected for years that Thwaites was not tightly attached.”

(Story of MY life.)

Scientists say they are discovering “different mechanisms of retreat,” and here comes Jet Propulsion Lab's radar scientist, Pietro Milillo, to remind us of a scientific fact.

“As more heat and water get under the glacier, it melts faster.”*

I urge you to put a chunk of ice in a see-through container. Watch it melt for a bit. Then add some hot water.

We scientists call that “Testing the theory.”**

If/ when the entire glacier melts, says the article, “the ocean” could rise by 2 feet.

Worse, Thwaites is responsible for holding in neighboring ice masses and glaciers. Which... well, you can guess.

A 3-foot ocean rise is enough to seriously endanger Miami. Seriously.


Speaking of higher water...a 36-foot-long, 6-foot-wide, 10-ton object was found in February, 2019. At the mouth of the Amazon River, on the island of Marajo, off Araruna Beach.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle.

Lying in wooded undergrowth, Mangroves. 50 feet from the sea.

36 feet long. Ten tons. (A bull weighs about 2 tons. Some buses weigh 10 tons.)

The object was (drum roll please)...a calf. Of a humpback whale. It was dead,

probably had been for several days, and it was found because of an impressive gathering of vultures.

Who were probably delighted with their first culinary encounter with whale. And a lot of it!

There's a suit being filed by the SVTSU's attorney (Seagulls' Villains,Thieves, and Scoundrels Union).

Morrie Seagle, of Dewey, Stealum, and Howe.

Gulls get very vocal when they think that booty like this is usurped by what they rightly consider Landlubber birds. Vultures.

Gulls are vindictive.

(Try disputing an open bag of Fritos with just one gull. I'd rather knock a battery off the shoulder of Robert Conrad.)

Renata Emin, Marine Specialist, said that the likeliest explanation is that the baby died near the shore, and the tide, which she said had been “pretty considerable” over the past few days, picked it up and carried it inland.

(She did NOT use the word “Tsunami.” Thought that “Pretty Considerable” was descriptive enough.)

This area of Brazil is a popular breeding and delivery destination for female humpbacks.

An on-site autopsy is planned, so marine biologists can figure out why the baby died. They don't want to move the carcass.

If you get my drift... and I think you do.


* Show some respect: Thwaites alone accounts for 4% of the rise in global sea levels.

** I hold an Associate of Science degree from Citrus Community College, Glendora, CA.


BONUS MATERIAL: How several inventive convenience store workers routed potential robbers. Includes: Wielding bananas!


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