Snippets from the news may brighten, or crash, your day. I will give you two of each, starting with both of the bad news bites.

**Bad:** the US House of Representatives cleared the way for manufacturers of self-driving cars to apply for EXEMPTIONS from federal and state regulations that govern safety and design.

This was followed by the 11-18-17 article in the UK's *Standard* titled “Self-driving shuttle bus crashes less than two hours after launch in Las Vegas."

People had lined up in downtown Las Vegas for free rides. The bus carried up to 12 or 15 people, and had no steering wheel or brake pedals.

No one was injured, and the truck that collided with the bus was found to be at fault.

The shuttle uses GPS and curb sensors, and has a maximum speed of 28 mph, but normally goes around 15 mph.

**Bad:** a study of 901 severely injured people in Japan between 2013 and 2016 found that , other factors being equal, the death rate for those having type O blood was nearly three times higher than those of the other blood groups.

Non-O blood types died at a rate of 11 per cent. The scientists noted that O blood types have 25 to 30 per cent less of clotting agent.

**EEK!** Because O is the most suitable for emergency transfusions.

**EEK!** Because you can't change your blood type, and when you NEED a transfusion, you aren't in any position to say, “Sorry-- I ***demand*** A positive!”


OK, **good news.** In Reno, NV, three adult great horned owls were discovered nesting on an office building's window. Soon the 2 females were nesting and laying eggs, and the male was bringing them food.

Polygamy! The first time it's been observed in the NORMALLY SOLITARY great horned owl species.They don't usually flock together... and definitely don't nest near one another.

***I blame all those wedding chapels in Reno.***

Some raptors DO have some polygamy in cases of plentiful food supplies. Barn owls and Eurasian eagle owls. Neither likely to be in the vicinity of downtown Reno.

The two families didn't get a chance to blend. The second owl was kind of blasé about taking care of her eggs, and they didn't hatch. (Imagine Mate #1 hooting, “HAH! I see that your little floozy is a honky tonk angel!”

**Best news**: ooooooooo you are going to like this:

A nonagenarian is a person over 90. Scientists at the University of California, Irvine, started following 1,700 of them in 2003. They have announced that people who drink moderate amounts of coffee or alcohol live longer than those who don't.

***Pay attention, readers....notice the words “OR” and “MODERATE.”***

“Moderate” means two glasses of beer or wine, and two cups of coffee.

AND...the same study found that people who were moderately overweight in their 70s lived 3% longer than people who were normal or underweight.

AND people with a HOBBY were 21 per cent less likely to die early.

AND exercising 45 minutes a day reduced death-before-90 by 11%. AND the same is true for people who exercise 15 to 44 minutes a day!

Heck, it takes 15 minutes to make coffee and pour a glass of wine and set up your hobby stuff and put it away when you're done using it .

How can you lose?

Told you it was good news...woo hoo!


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