With the cold weather settled in, State Fire Marshal Jim Walker is urging Oregonians to use heating appliances wisely.

“With the onset of cooler weather, I urge citizens to ensure all their heating appliances are in good working order,” Walker says. “Have your woodstoves, fireplaces, and chimneys cleaned and inspected every year by a qualified specialist before using them. Portable space heaters also pose a high risk. Use these with extreme caution and follow our space heater safety tips.”

Although woodstove and fireplace-related fires are more common, the most deadly home heating fires result from combustibles too close to portable electric heaters.

Oregonians can keep themselves safer from heating-related fires using these safety tips.

Portable space heaters

Electric baseboard and wall heaters

Fuel-burning space heaters

Fireplaces and woodstoves

Smoke alarms and home escape plans

Carbon monoxide dangers

For more home fire safety tips, visit oregon.gov/osp/SFM/ pages/commed_firesafety_program.aspx.

For smoke alarm information, visit oregon.gov/osp/SFM/Pages/CommEd_SA_Program.aspx. For information on carbon monoxide and Oregon’s carbon monoxide law, visit oregon.gov/osp/SFM/ pages/commed_co_program.aspx

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