Hungry, but no time to roam the aisles of the grocery store?

Local grocery outlets are now offering ways for customers to shop without coming into their stores.

“We offer online delivery services as well as convenient pick up at the drive-thru window at our West Salem location,” says Janet Orlob, office administrator, Roth’s Food Center. “We have provided online shopping for over 15 years from our West Salem location. It’s a convenience that our customers appreciate.”

Market Director Randy Kautz says, including floral, Roth’s West Salem averages around 25 deliveries per day.

“We deliver to all age groups who use the website,” Kautz says. “No home deliveries are made on Thursdays and Sundays.”

Everything that Roth’s sells, including sales items, cost no more than what is available for purchase in-store, Orlob says.

“Customers can also let us know if they have coupons, and we ring them up manually and collect coupons upon delivery,” Kautz says.

Customers choose the delivery time best suited to them from the options provided on the website, and payment is made online with a credit or debit card, Orlob adds.

“Customers love the convenience of ordering online and someone else does all the shopping for them,” she says. “It’s a huge time saver.”

The service also is great for customers who have a hard time getting around or are house-bound, she says.

“The groceries are delivered right to their front door,” Orlob says. “Roth’s prides itself on offering the best customer service. We are honored that customers choose to let us help them with their shopping.”

Orlob says the store also offers “some of the best ready-made food from our kitchen departments. We offer breakfasts on Saturday mornings at multiple locations, and we make some of the best burgers around,” she says. “And now at our West Salem location, you can get made-to-order hearth-fired pizza.”

Currently, West Salem is the only Roth’s offering online delivery and pick-up service, Orlob says.

Roth’s home delivery fee is $10 per delivery and drive-up fee is $5.95 per service order. Deliveries and pick-ups cover all departments, including grocery, health and beauty, catering, flower services and general. Order online at and click on “shop online” at the bottom of the webpage. Customers without computer access can call for home delivery at 503-370-3790. As of June 1, credit cards will be processed through PayPal.

Stephanie Dixon is a Keizer caregiver for a woman with Down syndrome. Using online ordering at Walmart saves her time and still allows her client the excitement of getting out for a car ride, picking up the groceries, and discovering that something special ordered without the temptation of too many choices.

“It’s really convenient,” Dixon says. “We’ve been doing it once a week for two months now.”

Dixon tried other stores, but because of working on a schedule, found it difficult to deal with having deliveries not always arriving on time.

“When you’re dealing with delivery times, drivers sometimes rearrange their schedules to accommodate deliveries,” she says. “They may run into traffic. The benefit of picking up your order is you don’t have to deal with this.”

Dixon says Walmart has her “history” down to even the greenness of her bananas.

“And the people there are really pleasant,” she adds. “I just go to the parking spaces for pick-up at the side of the building, dial the phone to let them know I’m there, and they come out within minutes.”

Walmart currently offers pick-up at the Woodburn store and the Turner Road location in Salem, with both two- to four-hour delivery slots. Delivery fees vary and are based on the time slot booked. Pick-up is free, and items are the same cost as in-store. A minimum of $30 is required, and first-time customers get $10 off their first $50 order. The store offers all items on its site, including bulk food assortments. For more information or to order, visit and choose your location. Credit and debit cards are the accepted method of payment.

Safeway offers one-hour delivery windows with same-day delivery on orders placed before 8:30 a.m. as well as two-hour windows or an environmentally-friendly “green” four-hour window.

First-time customers are offered $5 off their first order and free delivery by using the promo code HIFIVE at check out. A $49 minimum purchase is required to process and deliver an order, and regular home delivery rates are $9.95 on purchases of $150 or more, and $12.95 for under $150, or free to qualified customers. Online prices, promotions and offers may differ from those in physical stores, according to the website.

Safeway delivers seven days a week between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. at most locations, according to the corporate office. Orders are selected the day of delivery and loaded onto the delivery trucks, which are equipped with multiple temperature zones to keep frozen items frozen and vegetables, bakery and fruit items fresh.

“And if you don’t like something – bananas spotty – either return it to your driver or call Safeway Customer Support for a refund or credit,” according to website information.

Club Card savings are available and digital coupons are honored. For a full list of options and more information, visit Payment is by credit or debit card.

Fred Meyer currently offers online shopping in five greater Portland area locations, including Newberg. Other options for online shopping include, which carries international items as well as regular groceries, and, a two-day grocery delivery service.

Whether shopping for a fast meal or weekly groceries, many stores, sandwich and pizza shops, and meal services provide online ordering and delivery. Inquire at your local grocery outlets for online ordering and delivery options.

“It’s great for me – and for young moms or people who are sick and can’t get out,” Dixon says about using this method of food shopping. “I love it.”

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